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RHYTHM Your Perfect Weight

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WEIGHT LIBERATION: In this new world of raising consciousness we need a more sophisticated approach to fitness and well being!


Find out what is blocking you from being your optimal weight! This brand new technique was just introduced by Vianna in July of 2011. Remove your limiting beliefs and find your blocks which are hindering you from successful weight management. Learn how to become the perfect you!


This Brand New Weight Liberation Class directly addresses beliefs relating to strength and excess weight; why we hold on to it and how to release it.




Find out how to get the benefits of an aerobic work out when you are too busy to work out!


Receive energetic downloads designed to help you more easily eat less food but still get the nutritional value you need AND feel satisfied with what you eat.


Discover that you are NOT weak after all and that there have been deep unconscious reasons for why you have struggled for so long getting poor results no matter how hard you tried.


Clear beliefs relating to over eating, self esteem, food, exercise, body image, fears of being slender, strong and beautiful.


Learn what supplements are ideal in releasing excess weight, building muscle and maintaining a balanced body.


 Includes:  A manual and refreshments 


Time: 9am- 2pm

Course Cost: 

For general public
£47 for half day
£88 - 2 places for half day.  

For ThetaHealing® Practitioners 
£250.00 for the accredited practitioner course


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