Intuitive development and healing



I am so excited to tell you I will be taking Intuitive Anatomy this year and just want to thank you for being such an

inspiration to me on this journey! I have continued to work on myself daily and am healing so much. I 

have signed up on a website to offer theta healing to others which is very exciting also!! I just can't

tell you enough how much you have helped me and shown me how to let healing into my life, and also just how

your sweetness and intuitive abilities has changed my life.




‘I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me through such a fantastic experience.  In the 6 days of the class I have taken on such a mind shift that I feel I have set myself on the road for an amazing adventure.  You are such a beautiful amazing person and have in all definitions of the term been a god sent.  I cannot thank you enough.’  N.S


'You are a gem and living what you preach!'

H.B London



Vanya is an exceptional teacher.  Using her body language, high intelligence, strong intuition  and structure can easily pass the teachings of Theta Healings to students and in a very relaxed and joyful way.

But at the same time she is an insightful healer, with very good experience which helps to make her teaching more grounded, solid and firm.

But most important she is very keen, to pass down her knowledge and experience to her students and she works for it, with her heart and her mind. 

George Christodoulou


"I've first experienced Theta Healing when going through a difficult time, Vanya came to the rescue and I must say, it felt like magic. Vanya has such a gentle and nurturing approach, respecting the person's pace and at the same time an amazing and powerful way of reading through you and going to the root of your soul and spirit. Vanya is gifted as well as very knowledgeable and this translates beautifully when she's teaching. Her generosity in time and attention is legendary. I feel blessed to have shared such a beautiful experience...and so grateful. I recommend Vanya's healing and workshops to anyone in search of truth and wellbeing. What a lady!


Axelle Bonaparte

Metamorphic Technique Practitioner & Teacher


I want to thank you for ALL YOUR ASSISTANCE in guiding me out of the darkness and helping me connect to my own LIGHT.


I feel much transformation has taken place in the nine months we have worked together.


Much much love, thanks and appreciation




Was a real pleasure to meet you, just to let you know that since the session I feel like I have never felt before – I honestly can’t thank you enough, I just feel like all my troubles have been lifted… I’m so much more chilled out, I'm taking the time to connect with people… I don’t feel weak and strong in all the decision I am making… all the stress I was holding has been released… I am more patient and feel human again.

You’re an incredible person and thank you for taking the time to see me.

D.B   Dubai 


'She is an amazing teacher with passion and a beautiful heart. She makes sure all of her students learn and supports them in this amazing journey. My experience with her has been just out of this world and I have learnt a lot from her. Experienced a lot of changes in myself. She is just an amazing teacher, gained a lot of knowledge and received a lot of affection. So very grateful to God for sending her to us to guide us through this journey.'


Intuitive Anatomy Student, Dubai 2010

'Vanya is full of love and grace and divine energy. Learnt so much from her. She is inspiring.'


M.R, Dubai


Thank you for an awesome, inspirational life changing experience, I am personally still on a high in that has been cleared in me thanks to your amazing work.  I appreciate it soo much.’  E.B   London


Vanya, thank you very much for workshop, I am now experiencing some insanely cool fun amazing big stuff and it’s making me learn like never before. Awesome!’



‘I loved it. I found what I was searching for!  I learnt so much from you.’ T.G


Vanya is a confident, articulate, warm, friendly and engaging teacher. She is communicating a new and extraordinary form of healing which offers great potential. If you wish to change, to heal or be healed, let her help you.



"Vanya is extraordinary.  This could mean many things but by it I mean strongly insightful, positive, relaxed, focused and in control - a messenger of fresh avenues.  She can turn you inside out and by doing so make you feel whole. Try."


Peter Dalby

Retired Teacher, Researcher


Thank you for the message from my guide. I absolutely love how psychic you are!!!


I cannot tell you how much your words moved me. Thank you and the angel for the beautiful message. It came at a time when I needed it the most.


And the other thing that deserves gratitude is teachers such as yourself who take the time out to guide other healers. I truly felt I wanted to pursue Theta healing to a more serious level but was lacking the guided supervision to excel. Until I stumbled on to your website of course! For your guidance, I truly thank you.


It was a pleasure meeting you and the wonderful 6 days of healing and spiritual growth I had during the Theta Program. You contributed to my learning in many ways have helped in my journey.You have an amazing energy and a very infectious smile!!

Vanya Silverten

vanya in black

Vanya is a Master of Theta Healing and teaches courses on this technique internationally with clients and students from over 30 different countries.


She has been involved in the health industry for nearly 10 years, bringing an integrated mix of healing therapies to help her clients achieve balance in all aspects of their lives. Her interests began volunteering for the ambulance and progressed to managing a health store in North London.


During this time she studied and worked extensively with herbs, vitamins,homoeopathy, nutrition, flower essences, food allergies/sensitivities, sport supplementation, hormonal and nervous problems, and general health and well being.  Vanya is a qualified Nutritional Therapist.


Vanya incorporates natural medicine with gifted intuition, and encourages all of her clients to access their own healing abilities. Her readings generally include a mixture of angel and aura readings, body scanning and disease whispering,  reprogramming the subconscious, belief work, house clearings, heart/soul healings, divine timing readings. She also specialises in Australian Bush Flowers, has trained as a medical intuitive and teaches courses on intuitive development and Theta Healing.     




For more information please visit Vanya's new website:      



Click Here: To view an OK magazine artical on Vanya Silverten   

Clink Here: To view you tube interviews 'Tea & Biscuits with the Universe'



Certified in the following ThetaHealing™ courses:





'Thank you for what you do......and how beautifully you do it. 

TD, India



'Thank you Genius Goddess.'


"You know and understand the meaning of the words ‘wonderful’ and ‘magical’ but have you ever truly experienced it? If you've ever had the privilege to meet Vanya, she is the magnetic embodiment of these qualities, she enlightens everyone in her presence. Her teachings are truly a gift to this world. I never experienced self love until Vanya’s class, I went away as if in a different realm of love only then did I discover how to love myself and feel that bliss and fulfillment. She brings grace, love and beautiful light energy to her classes, she touches deeply with her smile and her healings are truly soul nurturing, resonates deeply on all levels of mind, body and spirit. I will always regard Vanya as one who has changed my life forever"

S.R London


'Thank you Vanya! I'm so grateful to have you in my life! 

I feel so empowered and the strength is just growing!



Vanya has an amazing and loving energy which can be felt as soon as you meet her. She has an incredible aura and she is extremely intuitive. She has predicted something about my personal life by giving me the exact date and that was absolutely spotted on. She is an experienced Teacher and an amazing Theta Healer Master. You will feel very peaceful as soon as you meet her and mostly you will feel her unconditional love. She is able to connect with your energy instantaneously and identify the bottom of your issue immediately. I felt so much unconditional love during and after the session and I was very peaceful. I have noticed thoughts and behaviours shifting  after the session. She is amazing so I definately recommend doing a session with her.  Your life will change for the best and you will increase your love vibration. Thank you Vanya xx




''Vanya I have never forgotten your healing on me. You are truly blessed.'  CB, London


'You truly are a remarkable young lady, graceful, intelligent with an uncommon wisdom and the most beautiful loving heart.'


"Vanya is a wonderfully intuitive and transformative channel/healer.

She combines different healing modalities in a unique clearing/healing style.

In the session she found many layers of energy blocks and easily dismantled/removed them.

After our session I felt so much lighter and clearer about who I am, my direction and possible next steps."

Steve Ahnael Nobel, author, coach and co-director of Alternatives


My Theta Healing session with Vanya was very uplifting. She greeted me with a warm smile and as we sat down, Vanya asked me what aspect of my life I would like to work on.  I came in with an open mind and zero expectations, but as soon as she laid her palm on mine I felt a connection with her.  She did an aura reading (she saw bright yellow and orange around me) and was spot on with things that worry me.  With her gentle voice, she tapped into my heart and helped me to release some negative emotions.  I felt goosebumps during the session and relief afterwards that I even hugged her.  It was a really cathartic experience and I recommend it for those who are looking for some positive direction.


Glaiza Segua, OK Magazine Middle East.

Click here for OK Magazine article


"I just wanted to follow up on the amazing progress I have made following our session! 

The next morning after our session I noticed my muscles around my spine and colon were SORE! Those were two areas we worked on and I was amazed that it actually felt as though I had a deep massage the day before. I have had scoliosis since I was 15, but my spine was actually much straighter the next day and I am going to be following up w/my chiropractor because it almost looks perfectly straight, making me wonder if I would even be dx with scoliosis still!

I definitely felt more powerful after our session, and began setting limits and boundaries like I have never done before. I noticed an increase in my angry feelings, but that aftera few days it subsided. I think I was becoming a little angry after realizing I was a "doormat" for so long! I now feel confident and like my self worth/esteem has sky rocketed.

I had an appointment with my naturopath yesterday and both I and my daughter (who you worked on as well) had a great report! We no longer have significant digestive problems, organ problems, and have NO imbalance in Candida!! This is AMAZING to me because I have struggled and struggled w/those problems for more than 10 years, and my daughter hasas well for 6 years (her whole life). I want to say I'm in shock, but I'm actually not because I could feel just how powerful the work you were doing with us was! I am ecstatic and cannotwait to continue working with you in the future.'


 M.W, U.S.A


I wanted to thank you again for all your wonderfulness in oh so many ways

 over the last few weeks.  For all your expert tuition and intuition, for

 your kindness, perception, compassion, love and care among so many other

things.  Thank you for holding a safe and sacred space for us all on our

 journey :-)


A. B - Ireland


Thank you for your teaching and making this weekend so enjoyable. I think everyone was just in awe of your amazing energy and how you delivered the teachings.....inspiring. Feel such a massive shift already.

S.R - London



I genuinely feel gratitude that a simple thank you cannot describe - regardless of the work that you did yesterday, just the fact that you felt what I did and believed me that all these things were happening, gave me the biggest relief ever. A lot of 'healers' in the past said I was paranoid, that I was making things up and that I was creating everything... Nobody could see my pain like you did - I am writing these things and no matter how cheesy it sounds, I feel warmth in my heart again. You helped me bring back joy into my life. Thank  you, thank you, thank you.




"I have had many sessions with Vanya and without a doubt she is the most talented healer and teacher I have come across to date. She has an amazing ability to tune into the root cause of an issue very accurately and is also guided to other related issues so to avoid any relapse or repeat sessions.


I first had a Theta healing session with Vanya in April 2010. I was having a challenging kundalini process and dealing with huge amounts of anger, grief and childhood baggage. A year on my energy is flowing much better and Vanya has helped me to release many layers of energetic traumas and karma. I could not have got to this point without her help, encouragement and support."


Jas, London


'I thankyou so much for your wonderful teachings and what you have brought me. I was looking for something in my life and connecting with myself through Theta has made me a stronger better person connected to my truth. I love you as a friend and as a soul sister. I am eternally grateful for your wealth of knowledge and inspiration. I know. You are an angel of light and it is pleasure to know you on this journey.'


Zac Denman, Film Director, London


"I was quite skeptical about energy healing, that was until I met Vanya! She has wonderful qualities, some of which are the lightness and joy which seems to pour out of her. Initially after my treatment I too was light and joyful and felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me. Then I noticed that the way I dealt with issues, some of which had been problematic for years, had completely transformed. Vanya is all about empowering you to change your own life rather than giving you all the answers, and I believe that is what passed between us in our session. It's like she got to the root of the problems and then handed me the tools with which to reshape and transform them. I highly recommend her." 


Sara Hart


First at all I would like to thank you for your help, energy, positivity, hope and love you gave back to my soul last Thursday, without it I would be lost in my miserable circle. I am profoundly grateful for your precious time and ever since I have been meditating and feel much stronger. You have brightened my life and returned hope that not everything is lost and my words cannot express how much I thank you for that. I hope to stay in touch with you in the future as I believe my recovery is a process and it will take some time to reach the finishing line of a long marathon that is for me to complete.   





Can't thank you enough for that amazing session - so helpful! You are the most beautiful being Vanya.  The best healer I have ever come across.  I will probably see you for sessions for the rest of my life, if that's ok.


Rose, London.


I was so glad to meet you this evening. Thank you, the meditation was absolutely beautiful.

And seeing you was just amazing, sharing that energy with you in the room was great.