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Soulmate course

One of the keys to living a divine life is to experience and have true love. Inside of our hearts, we all have a calling to connect with someone who completes us and someone to share life with.  The Theta Healing Soul Mate Day is especially designed to help you find and recognise your most compatible soul mate. As well as releasing any negative sub conscious programs which hold you back from truly having love in your life.  A full program of meditations, manifesting, downloads, belief work plus the secretes of how keep the spark of love lasting.

Theta Healing® Soul Mate Workshop

4-hr Workshop

Prerequisite: None required.
Includes: Manual & refreshments


Discover the root of the issue which may be holding you back finding love

Any and every one looking for love is infatuated with finding their soul mate or at least the idea that there is someone out there that will ultimately love them for who they truly are! The one special person to spend there lives with and share their inner most desires, dream and goals. Someone who will see them at their darkest hour and still stand by their side with love, understanding and compassion!

First and most importantly this soul mate course will uncover and give you back your inner confidence too love your self and desire to have a healthy self esteem. Which most importantly will attract and bring forth a companion that is compatible too all of your values and qualities! Before you know it, your soul mate will find you, without you having to go looking for it! That is how powerful this technique can be! You just work on your self and manifest what you desire! Knowing that what you ask for, you will almost always receive! Then watch as the universe does the rest, unfolding your will through its hands.

This class really focuses on the specifics around finding true inner peace and happiness while really helping you understand what you are looking for in a soul mate!

We all think we know what would make us happy but without being comfortable in our own skin or having true love for our selves we will not find what we are truly looking for or fill that void of loneliness or love in our lives. If we are happy and healthy we will attract the same energy to us and that is when we will ultimately find our soul mates and divine connection to what we are all looking for.


Theta Healing® Soul Mate Practitioner Course 

2 day Certified and Accredited course

Prerequisite: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA  & ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA 
Includes: Manual & refreshments
Certification: You will be certified as a Theta Healing® Soul Mate Practitioner, allowing you to use these skills as a practitioner if you choose to.

This is the second day after attending Soul Mate Day. This day is open for students who have completed the Basic and Advanced course. The second day goes more in-depth on clearing the beliefs and fears surrounding finding your soul mate. 

This course is a wonderful way to find out what it is you are truly looking for in a partner and attract that beautiful energy to you without even looking for it! Come discover what your relationship is missing and let us help you find your self-confidence, soul mate or just help rekindle that old spark again.

"Remember" love is everywhere, but without being completely open or aware to everything around us it can easily pass us by without even knowing it!


This class class is ideal for those who:

*Would like a love relationship in their life 

*Would like to bring back the spark of an existing relationship

*Or to help call in one's soul family.



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