Intuitive development and healing

Theta Healing Master Program


ThetaHealing® Master Certification Programme


The ThetaHealing® Master Certification is awarded to all those who have completed the entire range of Theta Healing® DNA2 courses within a 4 year period, in recognition of the amount of personal healing and "clearing" work the indiividual has completed.


The ThetaHealing® Master Certification includes all DNA2 Practitioner and some of the DNA2 Teacher Courses (those that existed up to 2007). DNA3 courses (and upwards) do not form part of the ThetaHealing® Master Certificate.




The ThetaHealing® Master Certification Programme consists of the following Practitioner courses:


  • Basic DNA2
  • Advanced DNA2
  • Manifesting & Abundance
  • Intuitive Anatomy
  • World Relations
  • Disease & Disorder


and the following Teachers courses:


  • Basic DNA2 Teacher
  • Advanced DNA2 Teacher
  • Manifesting & Abundance Teacher (there is no Teachers course for this, just a fee payable to THInK after you've attended the Manifesting & Abundance Practitioner's course)
  • Intuitive Anatomy Teacher
  • Rainbow Childrens Teacher