Intuitive development and healing

Theta Healing has been discribed as an obtainable miracle for your life!!


‘If there is only one energy technique that you learn....this is the one. It will change your life forever. The technique is so simple it is perfect. it does not demand anything from you, or that you give up any other teachings. Theta Healing transcends dogma and goes beyond all religions yet is accepting of all of them. Just as Christ said ‘All these things you can do and more’, in Theta Healing you will believe that nothing is impossible if you dare to believe.’


Nini Geurard, Acupuncturist

Theta Healing Master Program


ThetaHealing® Master Certification Programme


The ThetaHealing® Master Certification is awarded to all those who have completed the entire range of Theta Healing® DNA2 courses within a 4 year period, in recognition of the amount of personal healing and "clearing" work the indiividual has completed.


The ThetaHealing® Master Certification includes all DNA2 Practitioner and some of the DNA2 Teacher Courses (those that existed up to 2007). DNA3 courses (and upwards) do not form part of the ThetaHealing® Master Certificate.



The ThetaHealing® Master Certification Programme consists of the following Practitioner courses:



and the following Teachers courses:


  • Basic DNA2 Teacher
  • Advanced DNA2 Teacher
  • Manifesting & Abundance Teacher (there is no Teachers course for this, just a fee payable to THInK after you've attended the Manifesting & Abundance Practitioner's course)
  • Intuitive Anatomy Teacher
  • Rainbow Childrens Teacher


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