Intuitive development and healing

Personal Theta Healing Consultations


Theta Healing Mastery offers 1 hour private sessions either via phone or in person, with longer or shorter sessions available upon request.


One key to having a successful session is be fully aware of what issues/theme you would like to address, release and transform. Some people find that writing down their challenges before each session, also helps to make apparent other important issues that need to be worked with. And please note that not all challenges need to be negative in order to justify a session, there are so many good things occurring within and around us that just need tweaking in order to make them better – so reach for the stars!!!


Please remember to be fully hydrated before the appointment - aim to drink at least one glass before the session, one glass during and one glass after the session. Theta healing depends on a well hydrated body to make and hold the necessary changes.


Schedule An Appointment

You can schedule an appointment by using the link below: